Installation for project Rear Window
The project Rear Window is based on the time we are in right now. A time of pandemic where the home may more than ever become a border and a place that is both safe and claustrophobic. The home is located between inside and outside, where what is private faces the public, where they are part of a relationship and mixed. Thoughts about seclusion, community, ownership, etc. is present. Distances we previously took for granted have changed, the global is no longer self-evident. (Lina Selander, 2020)
The Bird Abstained to Feed, Just to Return Home I Justitia (2020)
8mm film/photographs
The Bird Abstained to Feed, Just to Return Home I Justitia is an installation containing of several components. It is a site specific work taking its starting point from the top of an outcrop opposite my home, Stigberget, where executions occurred during the 15th and 16th century. In a book written about the neighborhood "Justitia" surrounding the site, it is explained how crows used to feed off the corpses. In my installation, the crow in relation to the bird cage, examines the relation to a home as a venue with differing density in terms of essence. 
The installation is presented opposite to the top of the outcrop: in a drying chamber on the attic floor. 
Co-curated with Silvia Thomackenstein.